What is Mastering?

For the newcomer, mastering is what special effects are to film editing. You have a great film recorded but now you have to add effects, polish it, and make it ready for your audience.

Mastering does the same thing, only for audio.

For the experienced music head, a professional mastering engineer hears things others don't..You have favorite film directors right?

That's because they have the SAME equipment as everyone else but somehow pull a much better performance out of the equipment and the actors than other directors do. The same applies to mastering engineers.

You can master your music yourself, but if you plan on making an impact and moving up in the world of music, you should let a creative professional make your music sound the way you want the world to hear it.

Mixing and Mastering Won't

1) Fix a bad production. Don't expect your song to sound like your favorite band, artist or group while your production value still needs work.

2) Fix out of tune vocals. Though we can pitch correct vocals, if you want a great performance, try correcting your pitch during the recording process. 


There will always be those more dedicated to their craft than others.

You have arrived at the top of the food chain.

Let's get you started!

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