Now, you pay only a single fee for unlimited services...That price is annual (Yearly) and is payable here online.  Once you have paid, you are a member. You can access unlimited services provided within that membership level. Other services can be purchased al a carte via your control panel. For instance, if you want mix done on a song and you have only paid for unlimited mastering, you can buy the mixing service for that one song in "MAKE A PAYMENT" tab of your MMB control panel. Sign up below to get started. 


  1. Mastering: Our mixing and mastering services go beyond any competition, we walk you through each step and even give you feedback on your mix before we start the work.Our mixes are featured in radio, film and public performances around the world.
  2. Mixing: We mix as if your song was needed for television or radio. We polish your song untl it is ready for whatever venue you intend it to play
  3. Marketing: Why hire a publicist, our marketing profesisonals get people talking and listening to your music that have the ability to influence others and share  your music with a large audience. In addition to that , we can showcase your music on our 8,000 subscriber (and growing) Youtube channel, giving you the potential to be heard by even a larger audience

Single Song Mastering

Only want 1 song mixed or mastered? Or even both mixed and mastered? No Problem, you can sign up for a single song service right here too!

Single Song Mastering = $39.99
Single Song Mixing = $59.99
Single Song Mix and Mastering = $99
MMB Annual Membership Basic $499 = Unlimited Mastering
MMB Annual Membership Executive $799= Unlimited Mixing and Mastering
MMB Annual Membership Mogul $1599 = Unlimited Mixing and Mastering plus *Marketing for up to 3 songs

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